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Mental Health Services and Programs

We are all impacted by life's hardships, let us help you on your journey.



INDIVIDUAL THERAPY is scheduled either weekly or bi-weekly, based on the need of the patient.  Therapy is tailored to the individual need with a holistic approach.

INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT THERAPY is available three times a week, in both morning and afternoon for both adults and adolescence. We offer IOP for Mental Health, Eating Disorders, and Substance Abuse.

CASE MANAGEMENT is offered to individuals with SMI (Serious Mental Illnesses) or chronically ill.  The client receives services twice a week in the area of referrals as well as advocacy. We also offer this service to veterans.

MEDICATION MANAGEMENT for all individuals who are in need of medication for mental illnesses.

RN ASSESSMENT is available for individuals with Eating disorders or medication that requires blood work at least three times a week.

GROUP THERAPY is offered for survivors of sexual trauma, anger management, and PTSD on a weekly basis.

FAMILY COUNSELING is offered to repair families that are suffering due to trauma, a recent loss, or dis-engagement on a weekly basis.

MARITAL COUNSELING is available to couples, prenuptial or for the married “veterans” to enhance communications as well as sex life.


PASTORAL/ SPIRITUAL COUNSELING is offered upon request. We respect the beliefs of our patients and will never impose personal values or views.


                                                           Payments Accepted 

Aetna, Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Beacon-Value Options, Tricare, and many Employee Assistance Program Providers.

We WILL offer a self-pay flat fee of $300 for initial assessments all sessions thereafter:

  • $75 per session with an Intern

  • $150 per session with a Licensed Counselor

  • $175 per session with Doctoral Counselor

There is a $30 fee for Preparation & Submission of all paperwork

Records are $20.00 (first 40 pages) + $.10 per page per request


WE do not accept Medicaid/Medicare, AmBetter, PeachState. 

We offer therapy "packages" for those with high insurance deductibles or not insured.

Sliding scale rates available as well.

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