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We are all impacted by life's hardships, let us help you on your journey.

Thanks for visiting! Alliant Behavioral Health is a Behavioral Health company that specializes in providing supportive services to existing Behavioral Health Agencies and facilities. Each clinician is state-licensed and independently insured, as well as our company with liability insurance. Also to provide low-cost care we utilize graduate interns under the supervision of fully licensed professionals. Your agency will not carry any liability for our services. Our company is a network of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the areas listed below.


Our clinicians are licensed and all paraprofessionals are possessed a bachelor's degree. For a fee, we have the capacity to provide supportive services on a contractual basis. Our population that we serve range from five to geriatric in regards to counseling, however, our IOP program start at the age of fourteen. We provide support in the following areas:


  • Crisis Intervention

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (Eating disorder & Mental health)

  • Case Management

  • Counseling/Groups

  • Individual Counseling

  • Family Counseling EAP

  • Services Group Counseling.

Mobile Assessments (hospitals and private facilities) We provide first-class clinical services for Behavioral Health evaluations for the level of care for patients in the emergency room, nursing homes, primary care clinics, and school settings. With a retainer fee and price per assessment, our licensed clinicians will arrive at your facility within an hour, GUARANTEED.Some of the benefits of this service include:


  • Our clinician evaluates and refers to appropriate facilities.

  • Less workload for your nursing staff

  • Rapidly decrease ER census with non-essential emergencies.

  • Increase the quality of care for your psychiatric patients

  • Quality documented assessments

  • Assessments staffed with attending nurse or physician.


Disaster Recovery Consultation

We have the capacity to re-locate a team of twelve licensed clinicians within 24-48 hours of a natural disaster, tragedy, or crisis. Our team will provide resources, stabilization, and referrals. With a retainer fee and fee per counseling hour, our team will provide behavioral health support services to empower the client to make rational decisions. Alliant Behavioral Health clinicians have worked with national agencies such as FEMA, United Way, and Catholic Charities.


Social Services Program Development

Based on your Proposal, we can design a program that will provide monthly supportive consultation services as well as documents to measure program effectiveness with participants. We can provide case management, employee training, as well as participant training in the areas of:


  • WIA Program Development

  • TANF Program Development

  • Welfare-to-work Program Development

CARF accredation pending.

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